Smart and affordable Network Design and Installation

Get a fast, secure, and reliable network infrastructure installed for your business

Secure Powerful Hardware

Fast, Secure and Reliable Networking Hardware

Anchor IT Solutions will make sure your business is up and running with the latest networking infrastructure. We can install an App on your phone so you can see in real time what devices are on your network and the types of traffic on your network. We can install wiring for Ethernet Jack points in your home or business too.

Blazing Fast WiFi

We can install extremely fast and secure wireless networks for your home or office.

2.4 & 5.0Ghz & 802.11ac wireless

We use the latest wireless standards to provide you with a strong wireless network. No more dead spots! Our Wireless equipment is tuned for maximum range and speed. We can setup guest networks for your home or office with a captive portal so that your guest's client devices on a different virtual network to secure your corporate computers and setup Captive Portals where guests need either a password or voucher code to gain access to the guest network the options are limitless.