First, we understand what your home or business requires,

Then we develop, implement, and manage an ongoing IT service.

Our Solutions

Soo Many pieces must come together to get the perfect system for your business. We can help. Let us do what we do best. IT Systems. Whether your thinking "everything goes cloud" or you prefer an in-house option. Give us a bell.

Anchor Web

Anchor Web provides fast and secure servers for you to host your site on! Need a website designed for you? No problem our web designers will create the perfect site based on your needs.

Cloud Storage

Anchor Solutions will help find you the perfect cloud storage for your needs whether for your business or home we can recommend top leading cloud storage providers while explaining how to use them.

SEO & Business listings optimization

Have your company stand out from the crowd and rank high in search results. We can provide HTTPS and correct metadata for your website along with using tools like Google Business so future clients will never miss anything you have to offer!

Network Design

A reliable, up to date network is crucial to your business and home. We can help with managed WiFi, CCTV installs, NAS's and more! We can also recommend a number of ISP’s to provide the internet connection you need. Ranging from standard ADSL to blazing fast fiber.

Managed IT Services

Managed Wireless Networks

We can provide a fast, secure and affordable network for your business or home. We can manage your network remotely and install an App on your mobile device so you can see in real time your data usage and the types of traffic running on your network. We can also create separate networks for Guest wifi access with a captive portal.

Managed VOIP Systems

Save money on your monthly communication costs and reduce your monthly phone bills with our VOIP service. We provide a selection of quality VOIP hardware to get your business moving forward.

Managed Email Systems

We can get you and your employee's setup with your own Email address for your business for as little as $10.00 a month bundled with 30gb of cloud storage.

Managed Servers

We can supply and configure servers to suit your business needs. Active Directory, File Storage, Web Hosting, SMB Servers. We can do it all. Or if you are looking for cloud options we can sit down with you and explore the many ways of using cloud VPS's to achieve the same tasks.